"The Chic," a layered cut is inspired by Hilary Swank. Courtesy Photo

Getting a lust-worthy celebrity haircut at a price you can afford just got easier.

We first previewed Ulta's plans to create a star-inspired hair cut collection a couple of months ago, and now the cuts have been finalized, the hair stylists thoroughly trained, and the finishing touches set for a national roll-out to Ulta salons starting on May 5th.

Designed by celebrity hair stylist Rodney Cutler, women will be able to choose from three looks: a Charlize-Theron-inspired smooth classic bob, a Hilary Swank-like layered chic cut and a Rihanna-esque confident crop as free-spirited as the young star herself.

"We went to Hollywood for this year's cuts. They had to be versatile, wearable for most women and classically beautiful. We don't want you to look back at old photos and be mortified by some dated haircut," Cutler tells StyleList. "In the US, there is a feminine softness to all the haircuts women here wear, which is different from other countries like England and Australia," adds the Aussie-born Cutler.

For "The Classic," the smooth bob is updated with a special cutting technique that gives strands more movement and touchability. "Bobs can look boring and very soccer-mom, but we made it sexy with tons of movement," says Cutler.

"The Classic, a Charlize Theron-inspired sleek bob, left, and "The Confident," a Rihanna-inspired crop, right. Courtesy Photo

"The Chic" was designed for women who don't want any big changes to their length or style, but are bored with hair that feels flat and lifeless. Layers are cut into the hair base to add a more playful and modern texture to locks.

And in "The Confident," stylists will custom-cut a crop made to flatter individual face shapes and hair texture. "A woman has to have a lot of natural confidence to successfully pull of a crop cut," advises Cutler.

While that sounds all well and good, most women avoid trying a new cut at the salon for fear of ending up with a botched job that takes months of ponytail-wearing and baseball cap-hiding to grow out. Yet Ulta has created a system intended to prevent that from happening in their salons.

"We're really proud of the technical training of our hairstylists. We have a staff of 40 Redken-trained field staff trainers who ensure that every stylist in every Ulta is fully versed in the way to correctly cut these styles, as well as how to fit them into every client's shape and hair type," says Tracy Guthrie, Manager of Ulta's salon technical training.

And Cutler's work with the collection isn't finished; he'll personally visit Ulta salon locations over the next several weeks to get feedback from customers who have had the cuts, so the collaboration can continue to evolve and grow as both stylists and clients learn from one another.

With 350 stores across the country, the Salon at Ulta is open seven days a week and offers haircut prices starting in the $30's, with most color services starting in the $50's. Finally, someone who understands that women need their hair styled on Sundays and Mondays too.

And speaking of color, we hear that Ulta will be working on warm autumn hues inspired by the turning of leaves come fall.

Until then, we plan on rockin' our celeb hair cut.