male mannequins pants down

Shrinking male mannequins will soon need belts to keep their pants on. Photo: Margherita Chietti/ Flickr

Seems like guys have missed the message that curvy female models -- and their plus-size mannequin cousins -- are finally getting their much deserved due.

Next month, leading British mannequin designer Rootstein will debut its new incarnation of the male Homo sapien (dubbed Homme Nouveau), New York Magazine reports, and this guy has been trimmed down as if he were a starlet prepping for her big night on the red carpet.

Rootstein's mister mannequin once boasted bulked-up proportions: He had a 42-inch chest and 33-inch waist in 1967, but they've been whittled down to a 35-inch chest and 22-inch waist circa 2010. The magazine suggests metrosexuality and the same unrealistic body-image issues that afflict many women are responsible.

's take: Blame skinny jeans!

We're thinking the androgynous stick figures have been indulging in the same Master Cleanse diet that supermodel Naomi Campbell recently told Oprah Winfrey she partakes in three times a year for 18 days at a stretch.

Either way, like many images in fashion, the new skinny kid on the block represents completely unrealistic dimensions. The average waist size of an American male is much closer to 35 inches, according to the Center for Disease Control, and he weighs in at about 187 pounds. That's enough heft to pop a few buttons on anything that's form-fitting on needs-a-meal Homme Nouveau.

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