Beer is makes hair extra shiny, and it washes out completely, so you won't smell like a brewery. Photo: Getty Images

In the spirit of today's Cinco de Mayo festivities, we've gathered a few quick-fix, DIY hair recipes to get you through the day.

Not only are they all-natural and eco-friendly, but you probably already have two of the star ingredients -- beer and tequila -- on hand for your fiesta.

"Beer makes an excellent hair rinse and setting lotion," Janice Cox, co-author of "EcoBeauty -- Scrubs, Rubs, Masks, and Bath Bombs for You and Your Friends," told StyleList. "The flatter the beer the better. The sugar and protein in beer work to thicken the hair. Don't worry about smelling like a brewery – the odor leaves as soon as your hair dries."

Here are a couple of Cox's favorite hair recipes in honor of Cinco de Mayo:

Jalapeno Hair Tonic
This recipe uses jalapeno peppers to help stimulate the scalp and promote new hair growth. A small amount is rubbed into the scalp before going to bed. Make sure you use caution when using fresh peppers, and wash your hands well before touching your face or eyes.

2 small or 1 large jalapeno pepper
1 /2 cup tequila
2 tablespoons castor oil

Chop the jalapeno pepper into tiny pieces and place in a small ceramic bowl. Pour the tequila over the peppers and allow to sit for several days. Strain off the liquid and discard the peppers. Add the castor oil and stir well. Pour into a clean bottle. To use, shake first. Then massage a small amount into your scalp before going to bed (this may cause a slight tingling sensation on your scalp). Rinse well in the morning.

Tucson Jojoba Oil and Beer Conditioner
Jojoba plants grow wild in the Tuscon deserts, and you can purchase the oil at many local markets. Native Americans and Mexicans use this oil as a hair and skin conditioner. It is very light and non greasy.

1 cup warm beer
1 teaspoon jojoba oil

Mix together the beer and jojoba oil. Make sure the beer is warm or the oil will turn hard (chemically, jojoba oil is similar to wax). To use, pour the conditioner over your head and massage into your scalp and through your hair. Then rinse well. You may want to lightly shampoo and rinse your hair again if it feels a bit too oily.

Now that's taking the hair of the dog that bit you quite literally!

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