Kim Kardashian glams it up for her new fragrance ad. Courtesy Photo

We know they love southern Miami, but keeping up with the Kardashians now means heading north to shop in Canada too!

Sexy middle sister Kim Kardashian spent yesterday hawking her signature same-named fragrance on Canada's The Shopping Channel (TSC), which is the north-of-the-border version of HSN and QVC.

Her Kim Kardashian scent, sold exclusively Stateside in Sephora stores and on QVC, was the subject of two TSC shows shot yesterday in Toronto.

Kardashian told viewers the fragrance was familial, reminding her both of her mom, Kris Jenner, and her late father, Robert Kardashian. How sweet!

Dressed in a black vest and short black and gold skirt, Kardashian dabbed on cologne, sniffed her wrists, and spoke of her love of the multinote scent, which she offered exclusively to her Canadian customers with a signature tote bag and three flexible payments of $21.67 spread out over three credit card cycles.

That budget option will help anyone who's been investing in any of the Kardashian family enterprises, including their Bebe clothing line, boutique clothes, jewelry collection, various beauty lines, and did we forget to mention the upcoming bikini line Kim plans to design with sisters Kourtney and Khloe? It's official: We can't keep up!

Even though the business-savvy beauty can't possibly be short on spending cash of her own, she was busy promoting her TSC appearance on Twitter yesterday (in between her so-called twit-flirting with teen hottie Justin Bieber). "Just finished selling my Kim Kardashian fragrance on The Shopping Channel. Go to and buy it with a special gift set."

Not that everything is coming up tuberoses for Kim. Read about the trouble she got into over the logo for her new fragrance.