miley cyrus can't be tamed video peacock $25,000 metal corset

Miley ruffles some feathers. Photo courtesy of Albert Michael,

Holy sheet! Miley Cyrus's back-baring Vanity Fair cover-up wasn't nearly as scandalous as her latest garb that's grabbing headlines.

In the shockingly sexy video for her new single "Can't Be Tamed," the 17-year-old Disney darling rocks a $25,000 silver-scale corset while writhing around and caressing her chest.

The peacock-feathered number, made from 2,400 metal pieces, was created by The Blonds and originally made its debut at their Fall 2010 fashion show.

With "Can't Be Tamed" -- the title track on her upcoming album, out June 22 -- Cyrus seems hell-bent on making wholesome Hannah Montana flip her wig:

In one steamy scene, a Gaga-inspired Cyrus wears a black bustier-and-hot pants number as she shimmies against a pole and grinds against her male and female backup dancers.

The edgy video, which debuted last night on E!, opens with Cyrus as "Avis Cyrus, a winged creature in a birdcage. But it's not long before Avis busts out -- quite literally!

Teen queen Cyrus has hinted that the concept of "Can't Be Tamed" mirrors her desire to be seen as more than Ms. Montana. "Its about the core of, I don't want to be in a cage, I want to be free and do what I love," she says.

"I want to make the movies or make the music I want." And though she's ruffled the feathers of critics who say the video's costumes and tone are inappropriate for a girl her age, Cyrus says they're missing the point.

"The video is not about being sexy or about who can wear less clothes. That's what every other video is about," she told E!'s Ryan Seacrest. "It's about explaining the song and living the lyrics."

And as Cyrus proved with her provocative 2008 Vanity Fair cover, she doesn't care what people think. "For me it's never been about fitting in," she says. "I'd rather stand out."

Well, maybe she can't be tamed, but if StyleList were Billy Ray Cyrus, she'd be grounded.

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