older woman yellow headphones shell suit track suit blue

Sweatin' to the oldies. Photo: Tony Anderson, Getty Images

Parachute pants, banana clips, tapered jeans... when it comes to tragic fashion trends, the '80s really outdid itself.

But when it comes to the bottom of the sartorial barrel, one trend stood head and shoulders above the rest: the shell suit.

The shiny, swishy tracksuit was named as the worst fashion trend of the '80s in a poll of British women conducted by Galaxy Counters chocolate, with three-quarters of respondents giving it a thumbs down, the Daily Express reports.

(Now who's gonna break the news to Mom? She still wears hers to power-walk around the mall!)

Not surprisingly, stirrup pants also made the wall of shame, with more than a third of voters nixing the nightmare trend, according to the paper.

Perms, shiny leggings (hear that, American Apparel?), fingerless gloves and neon makeup also reportedly got dissed as the decade's worst fashion disasters.

In contrast, stonewashed denim was reportedly voted the best (yes, you read that right) fashion trend of the '80s, with 32 percent of the vote. Hot on its heels? Wayfarer sunglasses and -- say it ain't so! -- leg warmers.

No wonder the Brits were named the worst-dressed nation in Europe.

The poll also named Madonna as the best style icon of the decade, the source reports.

Well at least they got that one right. They had us worried with the leg warmers.

Speaking of which, check out Jane Fonda's revamped -- and leg warmer-free -- workout style.