Are do-it-yourself manicure and pedicures behind the rise in nail polish sales? Photo: Getty Images

When the recession hit, the first beauty service to get cut from most of our budgets was the manicure. Sure, they make you feel polished and put together, but they don't last very long and similar results can be achieved at home.

The next treat begrudgingly cut down to once every six weeks (from biweekly) was the pedicure. While we can't forgo foot grooming altogether, we're forced to smooth out the rough spots and touch up chipped polish ourselves until things get desperate.

With a reduced beauty budget, a girl's got to do whatever she can to maintain her appearance. So, we weren't surprised to read a report in today's WWD that nail polish sales for 2009 were up 14.3 percent.

There's been a plethora of rainbow-hued shades released in the past year, including creative collaborations between nail companies and fashion brands.

Looks like its the perfect time to host an at-home mani-pedi party.

From high-impact Minx Nails to edgy matte colors to goth-inspired lacquer, you definitely won't get bored with these hot new nail treatments.