DDF's new exfoliation tool uses rotational movement instead of traditional suction or vibration. Courtesy photo.

DDF is making a very brazen statement,

This summer, the doctor-created line is launching Revolve 400X Micro-Polishing System, which DDF claims is more effective than a professional microdermabrasion treatment and eight times more effective than a facial scrub alone.

A team of scientists in the brand's Cincinnati-based labs studied both professional and consumer microdermabrasion machines that are currently on the market and found that some people who received the exfoliation experience what is called a wound-healing response afterwards. This happens when skin is overstimulated and inflamed, and can result in swelling, a burnlike redness, and even splotches of darkening pigmentation in Asian and African-American skin tones.

"We wanted to know -- what's on the market now, how much does it cost, and how can we do it better," says DDF senior scientist Laura Goodman.

The team found that in order to produce the same or better results than traditional microdermabrasion without inducing a wound-healing response, they would need to use the science of energy transfer instead of the current methods of sandblasting, scraping, and suction.

The final result: a continuously rotating motion tool with speeds up to 400 rotations per minute (rpm), combined with more gently shaped baking soda crystals instead of the grittier aluminum oxide crystals used in professional treatments and scrubs. While other tools currently on the market either vibrate or oscillate back and forth, DDF's brush provides fully rotating action that transfers energy to the skin for a rejuvenation that doesn't cause it to react as though it has been wounded.

Recommended usage is two times per week, and the system comes with an interchangeable brush head you can use with your regular cleanser on days when you just want to enjoy the massagelike relaxation benefits of a spa experience.

While the rejuvenation can improve all kinds of skin concerns ranging from anti-aging to anti-acne needs, DDF says the tool is especially good for targeting hyperpigmentation and large pores.

The kit will launch in Sephora stores and online in July. It retails for $95 and comes with the tool, two foam exfoliating heads, one deep-cleansing brush head, polishing crystals, and two AA batteries. Refill kits containing everything but the tool cost $50.

But good news for shoppers who are itching to give it a try right now: DDF is currently running a presale of the system with 20 percent off for the entire month of May; just type in the discount code 'SkinRev' at checkout to take advantage of the savings.

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