Jamie Lee Curtis enhances her gray locks with soft, neutral makeup. Photo: Getty Images

When their hair goes gray, white, or silver, many women stick with the same makeup shades they've been wearing their entire lives.

But their old color palette may wash out their newly lightened look.

Celebrity hair stylist Brett Freedman says that it's very important to calibrate your makeup to gray or silver hair. "You want to avoid overpowering your locks. Subtlety is the key," he says.

He recommends choosing cooler tones for eyes (shadows and liners) and warmer tones for cheeks and lips. "Cool tones like pewter and lavender for eyes and golden pinks and apricots for lips are best," he advises. "Also, go light for day. When the hair is light you want to bring vividness to the face without looking too made up. A little goes a long way."

What else is important to consider with gray or silver locks?

Don't underestimate the importance of the brows, says Freedman. "When filling in brows, choose a light shade to define the shape without going darker than the hairs. I formulated my Vanitymark Blondest brow pencil to work beautifully on silver foxes."

And if your hair and skin is looking a bit dull -- as it often does when we get older, Freedman advises adding extra sheen. "Use finishing sprays with glisteners for the hair and give skin a dewy youthful glow by using a fab mineral powder with illumination to add depth," he recommends.

Whatever you do, just avoid the number one mistake that women with gray hair make with their makeup. Steer clear of the copper or orange shades, says Freedman. "It looks muddy when combined with silver hair. Go for more peachy tones."

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