You gotta love Betty White. And her hair!

With the legendary actress set to host "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, we couldn't help but take notice of her classic 'do.

In all of her 60 years on television, including hit roles on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", "The Golden Girls" and even this year's Snickers Super Bowl commercial, you might think this 88-year-old has never changed her hairstyle -- and you'd be right.

"Betty's style is lovable, wholesome, funny, adorable and timeless," says Celebrity Hairstylist, Sally Hershberger. "She's been able to pull off the same hairstyle all these years by owning her look."

Hershberger also believes White's classic coif fits her face shape and bone structure very well.

"What makes her hair so iconic," says Hershberger, "is that she has had the same hairstyle throughout her entire career, with minor adjusts over the decades to keep it modern and fresh."

And even though celebs all over Hollywood are constantly changing their looks these days, that doesn't stop this five time Emmy-winning actress from hanging on to her retro style.

Besides, can you really imagine Betty White with extensions or a pixie haircut?

"If I had to change it, I would go shorter, but I personally love her hair the way it is," says Hershberger.

There's no telling what kind of outrageous and funny wit Betty will bring to the "SNL" stage tomorrow with musical guest Jay-Z, but one thing's for sure, her hair will look just the way it always has -- pouf and all!

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