lady gaga Rigby and Peller black lace underwear

Gaga in a barely there black lace ensemble. Photo: Getty Images

Um, has anyone seen Lady Gaga's panties?

Oh, that's right -- we all have.

But now the pop star has apparently landed herself in hot water with a British lingerie company for allegedly misplacing underwear they had loaned her, the Daily Mail reports.

Borrowed panties? There goes our gag reflex.

England's Rigby and Peller, which makes underpinnings for the Gagster and her old pal Queen Elizabeth, claims that the singer returned just three out of the seven sets of prototypes she had borrowed for her new music video, according to the paper.

The company had reportedly needed the samples back from the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection in time for its catwalk show on Thursday.

"Obviously we were delighted that Lady Gaga wanted to use our new pieces in her next video but we did stress we needed them back in plenty of time for our press show," a company spokeswoman told the Daily Mail.

"They are all hand-made and unique designs that are simply priceless and are not available anywhere in the world so we are really disappointed not to get them back in time for our major showcase of the year.

"The last we heard the underwear was still 'AWOL' and we are not sure when we will see them again. If we don't get them back then it could hold up the whole production of our AW10 collection as they are the prototypes."

So what does that trouble-making Gaga have to say her for herself? Not much.

"We have nothing to say on the matter," her spokesman told the paper.

Okay then!

Now, we're no Lenny Briscoe, but we suggest trying the dance floor. That is, after all, where homegirl left her head and her heart. Perhaps she left her drawers there, too?

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