Amanda Seyfried goes hiking with a friend dressed in a white tee, jeans, and a plaid shirt. Photo: MATEI/RADCLIFFE/

May is the ideal time to beat the summer rush and take a quick outdoorsy getaway. Our plan? A girl's weekend in an old restored barn. We're thinking campfire, Budweiser, a chance to trot out our collection of plaid button downs.

Planning a weekend escape is a great excuse to try out new trends: You can botch a look and no one need know except you and your besties. So for this edition of The Weekender, we've put together a country weekend look that takes on vintage-style shades, mixed prints, and clogs all in one go. Why not? You're on vacation!

Style tips:
  • Plaid button-down shirts never go out of style, and the laidback cut of this one balances out the short-shorts that continue to be in this summer. However, in lieu of your go-to cutoffs, we'd suggest tipping your hat to the utility trend with these Lucky Brand convertible shorts. Button the tabs to wear 'em short, then unbutton if you want more coverage.
  • Clogs were the big shoe trend for Spring 2010 (thank you Chanel). But if you're afraid of taking the plunge for a designer pair, you can try out the vintage cool of these wood-soled sandals.
  • One of our favorite trends of the season is the return of the polka dot courtesy of Marc by Marc Jacobs. We love the Minnie Mouse playfulness of the print on this bag, which conveniently converts from a hobo to a backpack if you decide to take an impromptu hike.
  • Though my grandmother would staunchly disagree, it's ok to mix these plaids with polka dots. When you're pairing prints, choose patterns in the same color palette to maintain a coherent look.