Christina aguilera black latex not myself tonight

Christina Aguilera plans to wear more skintight ensembles, like the above, on tour.

Expect plenty of S&M when Christina Aguilera hits the stage this summer -- and we're not just talking singing and music!

The vocal powerhouse says that fans coming to see her "Bionic" concert tour, which kicks off in July, can anticipate a lot of latex. "It just fits the body so well," Aguilera, who also dons PVC outfits and bondage gear in her new "Not Myself Tonight" music video, tells the Telegraph. "It's very slick, it shines. You can lubricate it up."

Um, OK... changing subjects.

In other Aguilera news, the singer recently completed her first role in a major motion picture,"Burlesque," playing a small-town girl who struggles to overcome her tough background and make it to the top as, uh, a burlesque dancer (atta girl, aim high!).

Though she appears in the film alongside the also outrageously outfitted Cher, Aguilera insists she is the one who has top billing. "I was the star of the movie," she says. "I was number one on the call sheet! She's number two!"


With a future in dominatrix gear and stripper wear, the former Mouseketeer has come a long way since her days as a chaps-wearing "Dirrty" girl -- but she says she's happy to let son Max watch that raunchy 2002 video when he's old enough.

"He's two years old right now so no time soon. But eventually he's going to get to that age where he's going to have his own opinions about it, and I'll be open to hearing them," Aguilera explains.

"And he's going to hear the reasons why I chose to do the things that I did. And I take pride in that. What does Ozzy Osbourne say when he explains to his kids eating the heads off bats?"

We're not sure. We're still trying to get past that earlier comment about lubrication.

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