dissolvable wedding dress Sheffield Hallam University

This wedding dress dissolves into five other pieces. Genius! Photo courtesy of Sheffield Hallam University

You may not be able to wash that man right out of your hair, but you can now wash that "I Do" right out of your wedding dress.

Researchers at England's Sheffield Hallam University have designed an eco-friendly wedding dress that can be dissolved in water, according to a university press release.

(Big deal -- so can toilet paper bridal gowns.)

Of course, there's more to it that that. The dress -- which contains biodegradable polyvinyl alcohol in its material -- doesn't dissolve completely, but rather transforms into five different fashion garments. There's your honeymoon trousseau right there!

And while the impact on the environment is minimal, there's just one teensy little catch: It'll reportedly fall apart if it rains on your big day -- not that the groom will mind, we're sure.

The innovative dress will reportedly be featured in an upcoming exhibit called "A Sustainable Marriage." (Liz Taylor will not be hosting the opening.)

"The students wanted to challenge the notion that a wedding dress should only be used once and aimed to explore modern society's attitudes towards throwaway fashion," fashion lecturer Jane Blohm says in the release.

"The project is a union between art and technology which explores the possibilities of using alternative materials for our clothing.

"The wedding gown is perhaps one of the most symbolic garments in [a woman's] wardrobe and represents the challenges of 'throwaway fashion.'"

Hey, we won't bedrudge a gown that is pro-green. If only they made bridesmaid dresses -- we've got a few we'd happily flush down the toilet!

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