Is your hairstyle office-appropriate? Photo: Getty

You just spent half the day at the hair salon (and what seems like half your paycheck), and feel fabulous about your new hairdo.

But what if your boss doesn't agree?

It may sound discriminating, but like it or not, certain hairstyles and even hair colors can positively or negatively influence the way you are perceived in the workplace.

In fact, Philip Pelusi, founder and creator of Tela Beauty Organics, says even the smallest details of your hair can leave big impressions.

"The type of hairstyle you choose should be dependent upon what's appropriate for your specific profession," says Pelusi.

Pelusi goes on to say that a traditional office look is -- and should be -- very different than one found in the art or fashion world, where hairstyles tend to be edgier with dramatic color, sharp bangs, and sweeping angles.

"In the corporate world, a natural, but polished and sophisticated look is fool-proof and also gives an aura of confidence that coworkers would perceive," he says. "On the flip side, this look could be perceived as boring when in the art and fashion world."

To help you navigate office hair politics, read on for Pelusi's insight on what certain hairstyles and colors may illustrate about your personality.

Pixie: Confident, willing to take risks, edgy

Bob: Structured, approachable, focused

Long Waves: Confidence fused with sensuality, sometimes a bohemian spirit. Could also be used to hide behind.

Gray Hair: Independent thinking, comfortable with who they are

Bold Hair Color or Style: Non-conformist, artistic

"Blonde involves a dramatic spectrum of perception depending on what kind of blonde you are," Pelusi says. "A natural looking blonde (like Gwyneth Paltrow), appears poised, healthy, youthful and confident. A bleach blonde, on the other hand, can be very edgy and artsy or go as far as to not be taken seriously, like the dumb blonde."

"Brunettes tend to be perceived as grounded and stable. There is actually an Allure magazine statistic that says 76% of women think the first women president will be brunette," says Pelusi. Interesting, right?

And finally, redheads can be perceived in different ways. "They can be the fiery hothead or the vulnerable, sweet girl."

No matter what style you choose, it pays to put effort towards your hair.

Pelusi believes that lackluster, stringy, unclean or unkempt hair gives an employer the impression that you're not putting in the effort for yourself, so why would you do so for your job?

His last piece of advice?

"The mullet is always an absolute no-no, no matter where you work!"

Now that you know the dos and don'ts of hair in the workplace, nail office attire for your body type.