richie rich jill zarin limelight marketplace

Richie Rich (left) and Jill Zarin (right) at the opening of Limelight Marketplace. Photo courtesy of Limelight Marketplace

Of course Richie Rich was at the opening of Limelight.

However, it was not the same Limelight where he cut his teeth as one of the original "club kids" -- this was the opening of the Limelight Marketplace, what is hoped to be a retail destination in the dead zone between New York's Chelsea and Flatiron Districts.

And the glow stick-carrying characters of the day were nowhere to be found at Thursday evening's opening blow-out. Instead the "celebrities" of the evening were Housewives, of the New York variety, specifically Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon.

"I want gelato," Zarin said while leaving the red carpet and dashing to the back of the first floor. Bensimon, however, worked the stalls on the main floor, posing for pictures with Haviana flip-flops, Hunter boots and even It'Sugar candy (home of the world's largest Gummy Bear). Bensimon repeatedly took bites of the sensational treat for the cameras and then spit them out.

The new Limelight is three levels of small-ish stalls, containing everything from soap (Om Aroma) to nuts (Jezalin's gourmet food) at quite posh prices. Jack Menasche, the developer of this project, saw the potential of this space while using it for a sample sale years ago. Now, all 40 of the available spaces are taken.

"I think we leased this building fantastically," Menasche told StyleList. "And we have a waiting list of about 25 companies," a slightly different type of wait list than this former club is accustomed to.

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