Reduce the appearance of fine lines and crow's feet by changing your diet. Photo: Getty

What you eat and drink can magnify or decrease the appearance of wrinkles on your face, New York nutritionist Keri Glassman contends in her new book, "The O2 Diet."

The first registered dietitian to launch a line of antioxidant-based skincare products, Glassman is known for incorporating food ingredients into a complete skincare plan that produces anti-aging results from the inside out.

"I like to focus on what people can add to their diet, instead of what they need to take out. But for the best skin results, you want to replace trans-fat fried and preserved foods in favor of the fresh, antioxidant-rich options," advises Glassman.

For natural wrinkle reduction, add these yummy pro-recommended options to your diet:

Lemon Water
Everyone knows that high water intake is key to overall health and wellness, but adding fresh lemon juice to your bottle helps detox your liver. That means a faster and more fluid burning metabolism, which translates into clearer and brighter skin, Glassman tells StyleList.

Omega 3
"I'm crazy about salmon, flax seeds and chia powder. They have natural anti-inflammatory properties that make your skin glow," says Glassman. While flax seeds need to be ground for your body to absorb the nutrients, chia does not. Both flax and chia are great add-ins to smoothies, puddings and porridges for a nutty flavor.

Healthy Fats
Good fats like those found in avocado, nuts, olive oil, and almond butter help transport vitamins throughout your body. Healthy fats keep your skin hydrated, and they prevent dry skin from exacerbating crow's feet and wrinkles, says Glassman.

Vitamins A and C
Both vitamins are rich antioxidants, which means they fight the environmental aggressors that cause skin to age and wrinkle in the first place. "Vitamin C is great for collagen production, and strawberries are loaded with it. Vitamin A also helps skin repair and renew itself -- you can find it in leafy green veggies like spinach and orange-colored fruits like melon," says Glassman.

Green Tea
The antioxidant-filled leaves of green tea have natural photo-protective properties, which means it strengthens your skin's defense against the harmful, aging rays of the sun, says Glassman. Look for organic versions -- which are nowadays very reasonably priced -- for optimal potency.

Dark Chocolate
Contrary to popular belief, cocoa isn't the culprit behind candy bar-induced breakouts; it's the sugar, milk and other junky fillers that are the real complexion irritants. Pure, organic dark chocolate in a high percentage bar is actually good for your skin in small portions -- the antioxidants help protect protect cells from the process of aging, says Glassman.

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