Rodarte will remake the iconic New York Herald Tribune shirt worn by Jean Seberg in 'Breathless.' Photo courtesy of Rialto Pictures

Catch your breath, Rodarte fans. The sibling design duo is celebrating the 50th anniversary release of Jean-Luc Godard's iconic French New Wave film "Breathless" with limited-edition T-shirts and a set of Barneys windows.

Through a collaboration with Rialto Pictures, the classic film distributor, Kate and Laura Mulleavy have created two chic tees. One style, scrawled with the words "New York Herald Tribune," is a replica of the shirt worn by pixieish style icon Jean Seberg's character on screen, while the other shirt is an original design.

Both tops will be sold this spring at Barneys in the U.S., Colette in Paris, and Dover Street Market in London.

Rodarte will also collaborate with acclaimed graphic designer Patrick Li on a new poster marking the film's 50th anniversary release and create "Breathless"-inspired windows in all three retailers.

"We have been influenced by Godard's rejection of the status quo," says Kate Mulleavy, "and have approached our work with the same desire to create outside preexisting boundaries."

"[He] reformulated the visual language through which stories are told," Laura Mulleavy says of the director. "He is a renegade. In 'Breathless,' he broke all of the rules and formulas within the lexicon of film. His use of wordplay, his interest in time, and his ability to translate stream-of-consciousness writing to images was groundbreaking."

The powers that be at Rialto, which also holds the rights to films by Federico Fellini and Jean Renoir, thought that partnering with Rodarte would help them introduce the movie to a young audience.

We'll wait to see if that happens when the "Breathless" re-release touches down in the U.S. on May 28 at Film Forum in New York City and Laemmle's Royal Theatre in Los Angeles, followed by other locations across the country.

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