Victoria Beckham returns back to her hair roots with the "Pob." Photo: ALMASI/TORRES/

Posh Spice
has returned to her roots.

Victoria Beckham showed off her trendy old -- now new again -- hairstyle yesterday as she strolled through Heathrow Airport.

After running the gamut of styles from a bleached-blonde crop to a tousled pixie to long extensions, the Posh-inspired bob haircut, or "Pob," has proved to be one of Beckham's favorite -- and most famous -- looks.

This asymmetrical cut features choppy layers with longer, razored ends in the front and shorter, stacked layers in the back. And her wispy bangs can be worn down or off to the side.

It's the unmistakable graduated bob that had so many of us ripping out photos of the former Spice Girl for years and scurrying to our hair stylist on a quest for the same look -- no matter how long we had to spend with the flat iron.

What's the next look for this 36-year-old trendsetter?

There's no telling. But one thing's for sure, she'd look even better if she smiled more.

Leave a comment below telling us which of Beckham's hairstyle you like best? Whichever one it is, this diva tells us she doesn't care what people think.