American Apparel's non-traditional nail polish shades for summer. Courtesy photo.

Those precociously pouty American Apparel models -- the "real" ones and the fakes -- should start practicing their provocative hand poses.

American Apparel launched a line of nail polishes earlier this year, and -- despite an initial recall speed-bump -- the line is a runaway success; 50,000 bottles rapidly sold out worldwide after the debut.

So just in time for summer, the eco-chic brand is adding six more shades to its collection of high-shine lacquers -- and the names and hues all hold special meaning.

"California Trooper" is a light khaki that gives a cheeky nod to the uniforms of the ever-present California Highway Patrol (Ponch and John would be proud), while "Malibu Green" references the rich aquamarine ocean near American Apparel's store on the scenic Pacific Coast Highway. "Summer Peach" and "Butter" are both color options taken from the brand's trademark tennis shirts.

There will also be a new two-in-one base and topcoat added by popular request of bloggers who reviewed the initial debut collection.

"The first 18 colors of our nail polish line were an experiment. We picked colors that were beautiful and didn't set out to necessarily match them with anything. For summer, we saw an opportunity not only to add a few new colors, but also to develop some fresh shades that can coordinate with the tones of our new styles," says Marsha Brady, a creative director for American Apparel.

Polishes go for $6 a bottle, with a special three-pack deal priced at $15. All shades are formaldehyde, phthalate and toluene-free and can be purchased in stores or online.

We wonder: might lipgloss and eyeshadow be around the corner next?