tyra banks red dress choker

Tyra Banks is hitting the books. Photo: Getty Images

Move over, "Twilight" -- there's a new teen-themed book empire coming to town, and it's built by all-powerful model-mogul Tyra Banks.

In summer 2011, Banks, who is leaving her talk show next year, will release the first book in her three-part "Modelland" series, published by Random House and the brand-new Bankable Books leg of her production company Bankable Enterprises.

Although Banks, a huge fan of books, isn't giving too much away about her "Modelland" trilogy, she did reveal this on Tyra.com:

"The story happens in a make-believe place called Modelland -- every girl in the world wants to go there because it's where 'Intoxibellas' are trained. Intoxibellas are drop-dead beautiful, kick-butt fierce, and, yeah, maybe they have some powers too. The story follows a teen girl and her friends who find themselves magically transported to Modelland, even though they're really not supposed to be there. Many of [the characters] are based on the real people in my life as well as some of the models I've known --- both nice and "ice" (Brrrrr.....)."

So, basically, folks, it's like Hogwarts for models.

We're just praying Naomi Campbell and Andre Leon Talley make thinly veiled cameos.

In any case, we are so in! What about you?

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