christina aguilera gq german nude boots gloves

Christina Aguilera strips down for German GQ's June cover.

Christina Aguilera might be taking her role in the upcoming movie "Burlesque" just a little too seriously.

On the June cover of the German edition of GQ, Aguilera says auf wiedersehen to her clothes and poses in nothing but diamond-studded Gaspar gloves and thigh-high Christian Louboutin boots.

It's the second time the singer has appeared nearly nude for the men's magazine (she wore just a bedsheet for the American edition), and certainly not the first time she's posed provocatively before the camera.

Most recently, she appeared in PVC and dominatrix gear in her "Not Myself Tonight" video, and revealed that she'll be lighting up the stage in lubricated latex (eww!) on her "Bionic" tour this summer.

Now the "Dirrty" girl has stripped down in a pose seemingly inspired by "Burlesque," the upcoming musical in which she co-stars alongside Cher and Kristen Bell.

"The girl I play has a rough past," Aguilera has reportedly said of her character. "Her mother dies when she's very young and she's been in foster homes." So what's a girl to do? Strive to become the best darn stripper she possibly can!

Aguilera told Comsopolitan UK last year that she feels sexiest in the nude and revealed to Oprah Winfrey on her May 7 talk show that she likes her body even better since giving birth to 2-year-old son Max.

"As women, our bodies go through such amazing things, and we are superhuman," she said. "We give life, we give birth, we are our child's source of everything. Our bodies are not our own for a time period... But then when we get them back, you feel that much stronger and that much better and more confident... Sure, I have a difference in my body than before, but I'm more confident in that."

And the 29-year-old former Mouseketeer says she isn't about to become modest just because she's a mom. "I think it's important that [Max] sees mommy not be ashamed for her sexuality," Aguilera, an art collector, recently told an Atlanta radio station. "There are a lot of female nudes around the house. Max will be growing up in a house where it's just the norm. ... I'm more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I think I'm even a more sexual Christina."

Yes, but after posing nude for GQ and playing a stripper and a dominatrix, what could she possibly do for an encore?

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