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Who do you think is healthier? Photo: Sian Kennedy/ Getty Images

Hey, good lookin'... seen a doctor lately?

According to a new study, physical features generally associated with good health -- glossy hair, a nice tan and a slender build -- could actually mask health issues, the Daily Mail reports.

A survey of 2,500 men and women conducted by the Nuffield Health private medical and gym chain found that 62 percent assumed that a slim, tanned, blonde woman was healthier than a pale, heavier, average-looking male after being shown photos of the two, according to the paper.

Think again, kids. Health checks on the two models found that the scruffy male was reportedly in better shape.

The survey also reportedly found that six in 10 participants considered glowing skin and nice, shiny hair to be signs of excellent health.

As a result, the study's researchers are warning against assuming that good looks equal good health, the source says.

"We have bought into the perception that beautiful equals healthy," director Dr. Andy Jones told the Daily Mail.

"The beauty industry has developed some wonderful products that enable people to spray on a healthy look.

"Glossy hair and a dewy complexion are available in every high street chemist, enabling many of us to cheat our way to apparent vitality but good looking doesn't always equate to good health.

"In fact, many of the most important indicators of health have no outwards signs."

Tough break, pretties. Time to stop looking in the mirror and start booking a check-up!

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