i love boobies keep a breast bracelets breast cancer awareness

Keep-A-Breast 1 Inch I Love Boobies Bracelets, $3.99 each. Photo: LoserKids.com

A California breast cancer awareness foundation's provocative "I Love Boobies" bracelets have caused an uproar at yet another West Coast high school.

The Klahowya Secondary School in Silverdale, Wash., has asked students who insist on wearing the "I Love Boobies. Keep a Breast" wristbands to turn them inside out.

Principal Ryan Stevens told the Kitsap Sun that the "boobies" reference was causing problems in classrooms as it provoked some students to make inappropriate gestures and comments, the AP reports.

We can just hear the Beavis & Butt-Head-style guffaws coming from boys chanting "boobies" in the school hallways.

Stevens said the bracelets -- intended to promote breast cancer awareness -- were also offensive to some faculty members who were breast cancer survivors.

And this isn't the first time boobies have caused controversy in school. Back in January, the same bracelets created discord at a secondary school in Santa Clara, Calif., which banned them for similar reasons.

The "boobies" accessories, which retail for $3.99 and come in a variety of colors, are sold by the Keep a Breast foundation, a California nonprofit whose target audience is teens.

Its Web site features a hard rock soundtrack along with stories promoting breast cancer awareness and prevention. Topics such as parabens in cosmetics, toxins in diets, and early detection are discussed on the site.

Some altruistic teens are pictured with their breast cancer survivor moms and grandmothers, telling their personal stories.

After the bracelets were banned in California, the organization posted a response on its Web site: "We fully understand that [the] I Love Boobies Campaign is not for everyone; however we feel that boobies is not a four-letter word."

Some of the Washington high school students objected that their First Amendment rights were in peril and insist that their intentions were pure.

StyleList is betting the Silverdale administrators are glad the students haven't started scooping up the charity's "I Love Boobies" T-shirts for prom-night attire.

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