Kim Kardashian Without Makeup Life & Style Magazine

Kim Kardashian goes barefaced in the pages of Life & Style magazine. Photo:

Kim Kardashian joins the "without makeup" trend! (Gasp!)

Echoing a cadre of stars who are washing their faces to go in front of the camera -- Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb went foundation free for today's episode of the "Today" show, and Jessica Simpson recently (and controversially) bared her bare face on the May cover of "Marie Claire" -- The curvy reality TV star did her first barefaced photo shoot for Life & Style magazine.

Dressed in a low-cut white tank top with her wavy strands flowing behind her, Kardashian's confident that her natural beauty is just enough.

"Makeup is fun, but it's just another accessory. I'm happy with myself, and this is who I am," Kardashian tells Life & Style. "As much as it's fun to glam up, the most important thing is to be comfortable in your own skin -- with or without makeup."

StyleList gives props to the 29-year-old for peeling back the layers of makeup. Whether au naturel or in full makeup, there's no doubt she's a hottie.

What do you think of Kardashian's fresh-faced look? Do you prefer the young star with or without makeup?

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