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Is kabbalah taming supermodel Naomi Campbell? Photo: John P Iblis/

In what may be another personal flip-flop for Naomi Campbell, the emotionally struggling supermodel has been quietly seeking the spiritual guidance of Madonna's personal kabbalah mentor, the New York Post reports.

Although the telltale red string bracelet wasn't visible during Campbell's recent soul-baring appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," she did say her lack of model behavior (translation: her phone throwing) has had her struggling to come to terms with her inner demons and blinding rage.

While the Post attributes its story to anonymous sources, StyleList wouldn't be surprised if Campbell was indeed taking meetings with Eitan Yardeni, the teacher who turned Madge onto the ancient form of Jewish mysticism.

Besides Madonna, other celebrities who have taken an interest in kabbalah include Britney Spears, Roseanne Barr, and even Dame Elizabeth Taylor. (At least a few of those folks have struggled with their own, um, image issues.)

In an interview, Campbell once compared kabbalah to Alcoholics Anonymous, the Post reports, and said both were "programs" rather than religions. She went on to say that she already had a personal relationship with God and prayed on a regular basis.

Still, it wouldn't be the first time Campbell had a public change of heart. She once posed in anti-fur ads for PETA and then began wearing animal pelts everywhere.

Maybe we should have more faith. Lord knows the lady -- who told Oprah she sometimes gets so mad she doesn't remember her tantrums -- could use a little spiritual guidance damage control.

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