Jonathan Adler, Dylan Lauren, and Simon Doonan. Photo: Getty Images

The hottest club in town Wednesday evening was the 7 For All Mankind store? Really?

Really. There were bold faced names (Penn Badgley, Abigail Breslin, Katrina Bowden, Jamie Lynn Sigler, model Sessilee Lopez, Tristan Wilds and so on) coming out of the woodwork at this store in New York's SoHo, all to celebrate home designer Jonathan Adler's clothing design collaboration with 7.

"The inspiration was to make three great looks inspired by three favorite places – New York, Shelter Island and Palm Beach," the designer told StyleList of the capsule, hinting this was the only collection he'd do for 7 For All Mankind. "I love fashion, but home is just so much fun – I can be more creative in home."

However, one of the benefits of designing clothing, he admitted, is that he could create what he likes to wear, like his signature white corduroy pants. "I wear my white cords everyday," he admitted. "I think one of the great things about being a dude is that you can dress this way and not think. I can be ready in 30 seconds. I literally woke up from a nap 10 minutes ago and walked over here."

Also dressed in Adler's uniform was his husband, Barneys Creative Director Simon Doonan, who is happy to have a pipeline to clean clothes. "What's great for me is that I'm such a messy eater that I drop food everywhere. English people are very feral," Doonan told StyleList. "Now I can get lots of jeans."

"Gossip Girl's" Matthew Settle was also sporting his "uniform." "I like a slim-fit denim, like I'm wearing, with an oxford, like I'm wearing," he told StyleList. "I love a sort of Italian look, like if you were in Milan. It's simple."

The youthful-looking 40-year-old ("I sleep in formaldehyde," he joked) said his fashion pet peeves are for men, "wearing things that don't fit correctly and for women, it's shoes that don't fit."

Almost as if on cue, "Real Housewives of New York" cast member Kelly Bensimon swooped in, oddly smelling of formaldehyde, and wearing purple flats that didn't seem to fit.

"My uniform is to always look like I can go anywhere," she told StyleList, wearing jeans, a tank and a J.Crew paint-splattered military-inspired jacket. "I can go to a lunch, a dinner, a plane, on a vacation – I'm that anywhere kind of girl. I don't want to be labeled as only being able to do one thing."

'Nuff said.