rachael robinson bubble wrap wedding dress

Here's to you Mrs. Robinson! The teacher wed in a bubble wrap dress. Photo: Mark Bullimore/Masons News Service

You could say that Rachael Robinson's wedding went off with a bang.

Actually, it was more of a... pop.

Throwing tradition out the window, the 30-year-old teacher donned a recyclable wedding dress made out of bubble wrap on her big day, the Daily Mail reports.

(Hey, it beats dressing as Princess Fiona.)

More Vera Bang than Vera Wang, the unusual eco gown was assembled by the bride's students and their parents as part of a school fashion show on sustainable style, according to the paper.

Hubby Duncan Turner reportedly proposed a few days after the fashion show, inspiring Robinson to don the wacky frock.

Consisting of 13 feet of bubble wrap that was stitched to a cloth lining, the gown boasts a three foot train, a touch of white foam packing material, and colorful Haribo candy wrappers (not unlike this gum wrapper prom dress), the paper reports.

And who needs Vivaldi when you've got built-in sound effects?

"There was quite a lot of popping as I walked up the aisle," Robinson told the Daily Mail.

"I was very nervous but having the bubbles to pop at hand really helped. It's a fantastic dress and very comfortable. The parents put so much thought into the design, it was a real surprise when I first saw it.

"When I wore it for the school fashion show I had no idea that I would end up wearing [it] down the aisle for real, but when Duncan proposed it just seemed the perfect idea.

"I would recommend it to any bride-to-be."

Oh, sure. We'll just cancel our trip to David's Bridal and make a quick run to Mailboxes Etc. instead.

Robinson, did, however, reportedly opt for a more conventional dress -- since upcycled into a cocktail dress -- for a second ceremony a few days later, while Duncan donned recycled sneakers.

"She looked incredible," he says. "It's an amazing dress and just goes to show what can be done with unusual materials.

"We're both very keen on the environment and wildlife, and this felt [like] the right thing to do to show our appreciation of [how] important they are."

Is the wedding dress an "I Do" or an "I Don't"? Leave a comment.

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