Woman with Gray Hair

Say goodbye to gray hair with "Go Away Gray" pill. Photo: Corbis

Got gray hair? Well, there's a pill for that.

Rise-N-Shine, a New Jersey-based company, has launched a natural supplement called "Go Away Gray" which they claim will prevent new gray hair and reverse existing gray hair.

Cathy Beggan, president of Rise-N-Shine and founder of "Go Away Gray," said that the product contains Catalase, an enzyme that counteracts the body's natural production of hydrogen peroxide.

"Our bodies produce hydrogen peroxide which bleaches our hair from the inside out. Our bodies also produce an enzyme called Catalase which breaks down the hydrogen peroxide. As we get older, we don't produce enough Catalase and then the hydrogen peroxide cannot be broken down," Beggan said in a statement. "As a result, hair is bleached from the inside out, turning it gray."

"Go Away Gray" works to put Catalase back into the body to break down the peroxide and halt the graying process while allowing your natural hair color to resurface.

With ingredients like Vitamin B6, folic acid, saw palmetto and L-Tyrosine, Beggan claims it's "absolutely 100 percent safe".

But one scientist is skeptical.

Jay Foster, a nutritional biochemist of Body Chemistry Associates in Miami, told South Florida's CBS4 that too much L-Tyrocine can be a problem for people who take medication for high blood pressure and thyroid disease. Foster also stated that mineral deficiency may be the reason why your body is not making enough Catalase.

"Our experience is we have enough enzyme molecules and if they're not active, it may be a mineral deficiency like a copper deficiency or another deficiency that might be blocking the Catalase from working," said Foster.

The bottom line? Foster believes this product may work for some people and not for others.

Yet, the researchers at L'Oreal agree that it's entirely possible to have a cure for gray hair within the next 10 years.