sean connery kilt dressed to kilt

Sean Connery at "Dressed to Kilt" event. Photo: Getty Images

Braveheart is the new black, lassie.

The Scottish kilt was named the world's favorite traditional clothing item in a poll of 2,034 conducted by travel agent, the Mirror reports.

The tartan skirt reportedly nabbed 67 percent of the vote to "come out top," Sunshine's Chris Brown told the paper.

And since guys in kilts are generally going commando, that must have been one shocking view for the losers, which include Japanese kimonos in second place, Hawaiian grass skirts in third, and Mexican sombreros in fourth, according to the Mirror.

Unfortunately German lederhosen weren't so lucky. The green overall mutants were reportedly named the most unfashionable outfit by a whopping 87 percent.

Tough break, Franz.

Now pass us some haggis scotch... we've got some celebrating to do!

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