Here's what's happening around the web this morning:

Kim Kardashian To Design Costume Jewelry for Bebe
You can run, you can hide, but you just can't escape Kim Kardashian. The ubiquitous reality star is set to launch a costume jewelry line for Bebe thanks to a partnership with Pascal Mouwad.

Lara Stone Weds David Walliams
Comedian David Walliams has made a "laydee" out of supermodel Lara Stone. The couple tied the knot over the weekend.

Magazine Admits Airbrushing Model to Make Her Look Bigger
British magazine Healthy has 'fessed up to using airbrushing to add pounds to an underweight model. That's one we haven't heard before.
[Daily Mail]

Dior Releases David Lynch's "Lady Blue Shanghai"
Marion Cotillard stars in David Lynch's trippy "Lady Blue Shanghai" film for Dior. Conspicuously missing? A dancing dwarf and cherry pie.

Kilt Named World's Favorite Traditional Clothing Item
The kilt beat out the kimono, grass skirt and sombrero to top a poll naming the world's best-loved traditional item of clothing. Better luck next time, lederhosen.
[The Mirror]