The cast of 'Sex and the City 2' in a New York moment. Photo: Ray Tamarra, Getty Images

Kristin Davis will never be able to live down her tummy troubles.

"I still have to talk about the first movie every single day," Davis admitted, referring to her onscreen bout with Montezuma's Revenge in the first movie.

Ironically, Davis came down with a real stomach virus while shooting on location in Morocco, but like the professional she is, director/writer/producer Michael Patrick King said, "she got sick on a Friday," so as not to miss any shooting.

Sarah Jessica Parker's brother Aaron Forste, who was a production assistant on the film, called the doctor, who prescribed "warm milk," Parker added, "just warm milk apparently cures everything in the Middle East."

The four women, King and Chris Noth entertained questions about the film and the filming at a press conference Sunday morning for "Sex and the City 2." The event took place in the shoe department of Bergdorf Goodman, which served as the location for a couple of scenes in the film.

One of those scenes took place outside the store on Fifth Avenue, which was a bit of a challenge, King said, with thousands of onlookers waiting to cheer their favorite characters on. However, the crowds were respectful when the director called "action," and cheered when he called "cut."

Juxtapose that with the first shoots they did in the Sahara desert in Morocco. "There was complete silence," Parker said of shooting on the same dunes where "Lawrence of Arabia," was shot.

The international cast and crew shot in Morocco over Thanksgiving, which ended up being a shared experience for even the non-Americans. On the actual day, they were working, but craft services cooked a turkey dinner with all the traditional sides, which was such a hit, they ran out of food.

Parker and Nixon's sons visited their mothers for Thanksgiving weekend at which they had another traditional meal, as well as some new traditions. "We had the traditional snake charmers for Thanksgiving," King said, "where you say thanks when they leave."


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