We're guessing Cruella DeVille of "101 Dalmations" will be an inspiration for M.A.C.'s new cosmetics line. Photo: Disney.com

You'll have to wait until the fall to see which four Disney characters M.A.C. Cosmetics took inspiration from for a limited edition collection announced in today's WWD.

The collection will be called Venomous Villains, so we're wondering who's the fairest one of all? Will we see hints of Cruella DeVille of "101 Dalmations," Ursula of "The Little Mermaid" or the Queen from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?"

The line will include lipstick, lip gloss, powder and blush and will retail for $12 to $29.50.

The brand isn't revealing much about the the line -- except in a mysterious video, here -- but we're hoping for beauties, not beasts.

Disney has been making waves in the fashion world of late, most recently with Disney Couture's launch of a "The Little Mermaid" inspired jewelry line, and partnerships to promote Spring 2010's "Alice in Wonderland," including a ring collaboration with H. Stern, and Alice-inspired costume jewelry with fashion designer Stella McCartney