Rihanna is schooling every other female singer on exactly why she's a music sensation with her provocative new video "Rock Star 101."

In a 28-second preview of the song from her new "Rated R" album, the smoky-eyed songstress gives a lesson in sexy: She struts her stuff in a fiery red wig and military-inspired hat while poured into a skin-tight dominatrix-inspired outfit -- including a slick skirt and shiny thigh-high stilettos -- that would make even Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga blush.

Clearly, Rihanna -- who performed the song on "American Idol" -- knows that becoming a superstar means hitting all the right notes not just vocally but visually: The chameleonlike Barbadian is constantly updating her appearance, currently favoring an edgy razor cut and S&M-themed attire.

Perhaps she best sums up her theory in "Rock Star 101," which will be unveiled in its entirety next week:

"Rocking these diamonds, I'm rocking this chain/Make sure you get a picture, I'm rocking my fame."

Rock on, Rihanna!

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