Jo Malone goes the great white way. Photo courtesy of Two Four

When it comes to her wardrobe, Jo Malone likes to keep things as clean as her signature scents.

Fragrance queen Malone, famous for her luxurious perfumes, candles, and bath products, recently opened her closet doors to the U.K.'s Daily Mail newspaper. And just like the lady herself, the contents defined classic.

"I love dressing up when I have to, but I'm not just a businesswoman, I'm a mum as well, and happiest in skinny jeans and boots with little jackets," says Malone, who has plenty of each piece to choose from.

She owns at least 25 jackets ("I'm a big jacket girl"), 20 pairs of jeans ("My favorites are Gold Point... about £180, so not cheap as chips. But they last forever and look amazing"), and 20 pairs of boots ("I love my Prada boots so much -- a black pair and a chocolate brown pair -- I'd go to bed in them if I could!").

Though she also has 40 cashmere sweaters and such designer dazzlers as a glamorous gold Michael Kors dress and a striking black Hermes jacket ("The most expensive jacket I've ever bought, but it's one of the pieces that will stay in my wardrobe forever"), Malone admits, "If I buy something that's more than I wanted to spend, I do have an attack of the guilts."

That's why the business-savvy Brit -- who co-hosts the BBC One series "High Street Dreams" -- doesn't turn her nose up at budget-friendly retailers like Zara and Banana Republic. "High Street stuff is great, but I like it better in New York -- J.Crew and Club Monaco, for instance. I wish we had them both here," she says. "I love Gap for summer -- plain white linen jeans and white linen shirts and T-shirts."

Ultimately, Malone, who sticks to a "clean-cut," "masculine" look, has learned that nothing suits her better than just being herself.

"My fashion disasters happen when I try to copy something I've seen on someone else," she tells the Daily Mail. "So the best advice I have is to take ideas from fashion, but be yourself."

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