vena cava garage sale gravity lens books nunchucks

Gravity's Lens book (left) and nunchakus (right) are just two of the kitschy things you'll find in Vena Cava's online garage sale. Photos courtesy of Vena Cava

Vena Cava designers Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai are currently gearing up for a quirky online garage sale June 1 that will surely have cool-girl fashion fans in a tizzy.

In true garage sale style, the hodgepodge of items up for grabs comes straight from both ladies' personal collections and includes everything from old paperbacks, a YSL safari jacket, and Vena Cava clothing to bizarre items like a misspelled Vena Cava friendship bracelet, a 1982 Volvo station wagon, and Mayock's birth certificate, Social Security card, and self-esteem (sold as a set).

For the entire month of June, the items will be available to purchase on, in conjunction with Subports, a company developing text-to-buy technology.

So, just why did the ladies delve into this funny little project? StyleList caught up with them to find out.

StyleList: Why a garage sale?
Sophie Buhai:
We wanted to clean out our closets, and what better way to do it than online! We were trying to create a virtual stoop sale.

SL: Are you both big garage sale shoppers?
Lisa Mayock:
Huge. We're both from L.A., the land of seriously epic garage sales. I remember going to one in high school that was an entire furnished house exploding with strange and wonderful goodies. Everything was for sale and almost all of it was under $20. I think they may have had a hoarding problem.

SL: What are your best garage-sale purchases?
A '40s couture Givenchy dress for $5 and an entire set of '30s Depression glassware.
SB: A sword.

SL: How did you choose what you're putting up for your sale?
They were all beloved pieces that we once owned, all personal picks, and they really reflect the personality of Vena Cava.

SL: Were there any items that you almost put into the mix, then pulled back?
Yes, live animals got edited, as well as people's souls -- although we are selling Lisa's self-esteem.

SL: We saw that! Why are you giving up your birth certificate, Social Security card, and self-esteem?
That idea of sneaking into someone else's world has always intrigued me. I think most people have fantasies every so often of being someone else.

If you were shopping your own online garage sale, what would you grab first?
It's a tie between the cream suede YSL safari jacket and a bright yellow circular '60s telephone that I got at St. Vincent de Paul in L.A. for $3.
SB: I'm a fan of the "Bad Dates" book. It has all the worst '80s celebrities sharing their date horror stories. Retro Us Weekly material. Very highbrow.

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