kate moss painting Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe Banksy

Kate Moss portrait by street artist Banksy. Photo: AFP/ Getty Images

While most fashion fiends might dream of raiding Kate Moss's closet, it seems one person went as far as to actually rob her North London home yesterday.

Moss, her rock star boyfriend Jamie Hince and Moss's mother were all asleep early Thursday morning at the supermodel's house in Maida Vale, London, when someone broke in, bypassing her mouth-watering clothing collection and instead ripping off three pricey pieces of artwork, the Daily Mirror reports.

One major piece taken was a $115,000 portrait of Moss by famed street artist Banksy.

Although it hasn't been confirmed, the aforementioned piece was most likely from the 2005 Banksy series heavily influenced by Andy Warhol's iconic Marilyn Monroe screen print.

's version, however, which was sold for almost $139,000 at a British auction in 2008, includes the face of Moss combined with the hair -- and mole -- of Monroe.

Earlier this month, the Mirror reported that the supermodel was so impressed by seeing her likeness portrayed by Banksy that she commissioned the guerilla artist to come into her home and paint a custom mural depicting herself and her high-profile friends like Naomi Campbell, Lily Allen and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah.

The somewhat vain mural, which was 12ft x 18ft and cost around $217,000, was also supposed to show Moss at all stages of her catwalk career -- from her teenage years on.

While we're not sure how far along the mural was, or if it propelled the recent robbery, luckily, police arrested a 24-year-old male suspect nearby Moss's home in connection with the crime.

It's unclear, however, if the artwork is also in police custody or if there are more robbers on the loose. Police do believe they know how Moss's mansion was invaded.

"They got in by climbing over the back fence but fled after disturbing someone who woke up," a police spokesperson told the paper. "There is a possibility that they had inside knowledge of the house's layout."

No word on whether the Moss incident is related to a robbery earlier this week where a man and woman broke into the Art Republic gallery in London and stole two limited-edition works by Banksy, worth more than $23,000.

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