Flip-flops for $1? Yes, please! Photo: Oldnavy.com

The grass is green, gardens are being planted, the sun is shining, and your pedicure is looking perfect. Yep, flip-flop weather is finally here, and who isn't dying to slip her freshly painted tootsies into a spanking-new pair?

Worried about spending that hard-earned money you've been saving for a summer vacation? Don't sweat it. Just head to Old Navy on Saturday, May 22, for the chain's annual $1 Flip-flop One-Day Wonder Event.

That's right: One measly dollar gets you a fresh pair of summer's favorite sandals. There's a five-per-customer limit while supplies last -- but that'll still get you a new pair for each day of the workweek for less money than it would cost to sip a fancy cocktail at your favorite swimming pool bar.

And if you feel like spreading the summer love, snag a colorful, patterned pair for the hubby and kids, or please your pals with surprise gifts.

Stores are set to open early, so check your local Old Navy for hours and details.

Oh, and while you're there, be sure to check out the store's summer swimwear and clothing.