Your hair ages too. Photo: Getty Images

Just when we thought we had those undereye wrinkles in control, now it turns out that we should be worrying about our old-looking hair, too.

Redken is set to release "Time Reset," a new haircare collection and in-salon services that target "aging" hair.

Now what, exactly does that mean? While there's no direct correlation between your age and the condition of your hair, heat styling will take its toll, whether you're 25 or 55. Redken identifies five signs of aging hair -- texture change, diminished density, fragility, dryness and dullness -- and their new services and products were developed to help combat these telltale issues.

The line is infused with camelia oil (to soften brittle hair and add shine), peptides and ceramides (to strengthen and repair), green tea and cationic UV filters (to prevent future damage) and Redken's proprietary ingredient Intra-Cylane which aims to fill in gaps on the cuticle layer to plump up fine hair.

The patented Intra-Cylane ingredient was 10 years in the making, honing in on a specific, unique silicone molecule. Activated by water, it transforms from liquid to solid to create an internal fibrous network that reinforces each strand from the inside out.

In salons, the Time Reset service will include a shampoo followed by an application of Time Reset Filler Shot Phase (a concentrated Intra-Cylane treatment), a spray sealer and then a deep filler treatment which is meant to last through 10 shampoos.

The products will hit salons in August and will run $13 to $20 and the Time Reset service is expected to cost about $40.

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The Redken line. Courtesy Photo