While Louboutins are not the most practical shoes for a mom on-the-go, no one can fault Victoria Beckham for looking schlumpy while on a little league run with her boys. Photo: RACHPOOT/bauergriffinonline.com

We received an email from a mom who pointed out that it is hard to be practical and stylish when attending her child's little league games. This is an excellent point! Who wants to wear mud-caked stilettos at a baseball game? But you also don't want to appear schlepy.

For spring, designers like Alexander Wang and Hermès looked to sports like football and tennis for inspiration for their collections but you don't have to dig that deep to look cool. In this installment of The Weekender, we put together a field-friendly look that will make you a spectator standout.

Style tips:
  • Stella McCartney's line for Adidas is always a great place to go when you're looking for chic clothes with sporty functionality. You'd never guess from looking at the stylish pleating of this knee-length skirt that it's made of stretchy moisture-wicking fabric. It will keep you comfortable in the heat and give you the freedom to run around with your little ones.
  • The name of the game with outdoor sporting events is layering. Sweatshirts may have been synonymous with schlubby in the past but the fine knits and modern cuts available at stores like American Apparel have changed all that. This lightweight hoodie from Free People is a great go-to for the light chill of a spring night.
  • Shoes. The age-old problem when it comes to sporting events. We think espadrilles are the flat black boot of the summertime. They have the durability and comfort that you need out of an everyday shoe with the dressier feel that a sneaker can't provide.
  • We like the idea of mixing unexpected dressy elements into more sporty casual fare. There's no quicker way to add interest to an outfit than to put on one statement-making piece of jewelry. In this case, we picked a pop of sunshine in the form of this bauble necklace from The Limited.