It may be a dog-eat-dog world, but life seems pretty darn cozy for one Posh pup.

Coco, the not-so-butch British bulldog companion to Victoria and David Beckham, has been spied out and about with hot pink toenails, the Daily Mail reports.

Wow -- pets really do take after their owners.

Sources tell the paper that the sassy nails are actually clip-ons designed to prevent pets from scratching up furniture. Oh, sure, any excuse...

What's next? The eight-month-old pooch getting dolled up in Armani? That's what happened to Victoria's last makeover project, Katie Holmes.

The paper also speculates that Beckham is taking out her rumored longing for a daughter on the family pet.

We'd feel bad for poor Coco, but it's hard to summon up much sympathy for a creature that scores free mani/pedis and gets to chew on David Beckham's underwear. Lucky bitch.

In other Spice Girls news, Ginger Spice's Union Jack was just voted the most iconic outfit.