A recent shot of Kylie Minogue. Photo: Getty Images

Our favorite Aussie pop star Kylie Minogue looks suspiciously wrinkle-free for a woman of 41 years, but according to the Daily Mail, she says she's never gone under the knife.

She does admit to having had Botox injections, "'I've been honest about the fact that I did use Botox. But I don't any more, I won't go near it. I have lines. You can see the lines on my face', she told the News Of The World." (Um, where?)

Instead, Minogue swears by the classic beauty find that her mother always used -- Pond's Cold Cream. "It really does work. It's made such a difference," she says.

The star also claims she maintains her near-perfect body without exercise, espousing body makeup as her not-so-secret weapon, "I honestly don't really work out. But I use a lot of body make-up which helps...and I'm body confident."

And she's still wearing the hot pants to prove it.