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Heidi Montag, who made headlines for her ten cosmetic procedures in a single day, exemplifies a trend for superfluous plastic surgery.

Now a prominent New York plastic surgeon has written a book that many people have been waiting for: "The Beauty Quotient Formula," a guide to everything a woman can do without getting surgery, but achieve similar results.

"A slightly too-large nose, an overbite, and sparkling eyes coupled with a certain radiance and vitality can mesh together in a unique harmony," says the author, Dr. Robert M. Tornambe, who launched his book last week. "It is this interplay that makes someone truly beautiful-not their physical features alone."

Hearing a top plastic surgeon encouraging you to be happy with your big nose seems like radical advice. But some famous people have suffered by getting their so-called "imperfections" altered, like "Dirty Dancing" actress Jennifer Grey, who rarely worked after "fixing" her prominent nose. Many fans say they preferred Enrique Iglesias with his famous mole, and Cindy Crawford has said that early in her career, modeling agents recommended she get her beauty spot removed-advice she is pleased she did not take.

Much of Tornambe's book is devoted to "psychological health," acknowledging that a woman's mental state is going to greatly affect her self-image. But there are also diet and exercise tips from top New York personal trainer Jill Livoti on how to improve yourself without invasive surgery. There's even a section on beauty, with advice on such details as taking care of your make-up brushes (we're guessing the good doctor got some help on that one).

Even surgery-loving Joan Rivers is a fan of the book. "Dr. Tornambe offers helpful alternatives to those people who would prefer not to go under the knife but are still hoping to look better and feel better at any age," she opines in a back-cover blurb.

Someone should get a copy to Heidi Montag -- though we suspect she's not a big reader.