Ann Taylor's Petite Watercolor Print Sheath Dress, $119, is no longer pictured on their website.

Ann Taylor may be attempting to refashion its image, but this is probably not what it had in mind.

Just when the retailer was enjoying a resurgence in popularity by making its clothing more hip, it is now coming under fire for airbrushing the hips off its models.

As reported by Jezebel, the Ann Taylor Web site features a bevy of beauties who seem to have been PhotoShopped to scary-skinny proportions.

The label's $119 Petite Watercolor Print Sheath Dress is worn by a wasp-waisted woman with shoulders so broad they'd make the "Jersey Shore" guys jealous. (Interestingly, the page and offending image had been removed from the Ann Taylor site as of press time.) Elsewhere, a Chiffon Trim Tank appears on a long, lean torso of Olive Oyl proportions, and the company takes skinny jeans a little too literally.

Ann Taylor's models are so fat-free, in fact, that even their fabrics bear no bulges: A Necklace Trim Tank Top fits so smoothly over a pair of white jeans that the ensemble looks like a Spandex bodysuit. And a Petite Silk Camp Shirt seems to melt into the waistband of the model's pants without so much as a wrinkle or pucker.

While a rep for the company did not respond as of press time, StyleList hopes Ann Taylor will throw the clothing industry a curve by keeping their alterations to a minimum and showing that beauty isn't measured by the inch.

Scary-skinny retouching is nothing new -- remember what happened with Ralph Lauren?