"Consumer Reports" has found that some sunscreens deliver better than others. Photo: Corbis

Not all sunscreens were created equal, so don't bother picking up every bottle on the shelf labeled SPF. We've got the top four spray-on sunscreen picks from "Consumer Reports Health."

The winners are -- drumroll please -- Up Up Sport Continuous SPF 30 (by Target), a Consumer Reports "Best Buy;" Walgreens Sport Continuous SPF 50; Banana Boat Sport Performance Continuous SPF 30; and Aveeno Continuous Protection SPF 50.

In rigorous Consumer Reports testing, these products provided very good UVA protection and excellent UVB protection and met their SPF claim even after treated skin was soaked in water for 80 minutes.

In addition to testing the sunscreens' overall performance, "Consumer Reports" also assessed the smell, feel and absorption of the products, because after all, if you think your sun protection stinks or feels greasy, you simply won't use it.

According to Gayle Williams, deputy editor, "Consumer Reports Health", "the Aveeno Continuous protection spray is one of the mildest in terms of scent and leaves a bit of greasy residue that is mild compared to some others. But if you prefer that beach scent, you might try the Up Up by Target or the Walgreens Sport Continuous."

The most important things you can do to keep your skin healthy and younger-looking are applying two to three tablespoons of lotion 15 to 30 minutes before going out in the sun and reapplying every two hours or after swimming or sweating.

Why spend time and money fighting wrinkles and sun spots when you can avoid them altogether?