Sure, StyleList wants to hear the cast of "Glee" sing their version of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance."

But there's something we want to see even more on tonight's Lady Gaga tribute episode. That would be actor Cory Monteith going Gaga in a replica of the red latex dress that the lady herself wore to meet Queen Elizabeth.

And Rachel (Lea Michele) dressed in home economics-version of Gaga's Kermit The Frog dress, tricked out with stuffed animals from the teenage television character's bedroom.

Glee's costumer Lou Eyrich tells that as much as she worships the iconic performer and her out-of-this-world couture looks she wanted "Glee's" high school characters to look like they were wearing homemade versions of Lady Gaga's signature costumes.

"The episode is a tribute to her genius," said Eyrich, who also deserves the credit for the look of the show's well-received Madonna-themed episode. "The costumes were not (exact) replicas..." she told the site.

A homage to the famous orbit dress Giorgio Armani created for Lady Gaga was built around the bulging belly of pregnant Quinn (Dianna Agron).

To do the late designer Alexander McQueen justice, Eyrich tried to score a pair of his 10-inch "Armadillo" heels for the character Kurt (Chris Colfer), but could not get her hands on a size 13. "They don't make them that big," she told the site.

Still Colfer does dance wears 10-inch heels for his stage performance. That's taking theatricality -- the theme of tonight's episode - to new heights. Which does Gaga proud!

"Glee" airs tonight on Fox at 9 p.m./E.T.

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