Helen Mirren styled her silver locks in a neat bob. Photo: BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM

Just because you have gray hair doesn't mean you can't rock a young, hip, sexy style.

Kenneth Tepper, stylist at Pierre Michel Salon in New York says women should embrace their silvery strands. "Be bold," he says. "Lose the fear. Cut some hair off."

The biggest style challenge for those of us with gray hair is keeping our locks shiny and healthy looking, according to Tepper. "Gray hair is often much duller and frizzier than before it lost its color," he says. But, by keeping our tresses well-conditioned and maintained, you can come out looking better than ever -- all it takes is a little know-how.

Like using the right product.

"The biggest mistake people make with gray hair is not using enough product," says Tepper. "In the summertime, we all tend to give up the blow dryer for a more natural look," he states. "Let the product do the styling for you. You just can't fight that humidity, so control frizz with a little extra product than you would use normally."

In the winter, blow-dry your hair more for a sleek and shiny look. "Now that's a statement," he says.

Tepper's product recommendations? For a natural look, try Kiehl's crème with silk groom and Hantz professional haute glace, a non-alcohol gel that adds hold and shine. Use equal parts leave-in conditioner and gel, about a quarter-size of each. "Don't skimp!", he says. You can also add polish to your blow-dry with Foggia pomade -- a stylist's secret for a non-greasy finish according to Tepper.

Joan Baez and Judi Dench opt for bold, short looks on their gray tresses. Photo (2): Getty Images

In addition to the right product, Tepper says it's important to have the right cut. While he recommends medium to shorter styles, a strong shape is the key. "The best styles for gray hair tend to be the bolder looks," he says. "A terrific bob, curly or straight. Or shorter hair. Go for the dramatic. Think Halle Barry with gray."

Tepper's final piece of advice: "Don't be afraid to lessen the gray with some low-lights. You won't have to be back in five weeks for a touch-up -- it lasts for months and grows out softly. Reverse the clock, take years away and still leave some gray."

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