Sarah Jessica Parker Sex and the City 2 premiere neon yellow dress

Sarah Jessica Parker strikes a pose at the 'Sex and the City 2' premiere. Photo: Getty Images

Raise your hand if you can't pick your favorite Sex and the City character and episode in less then ten seconds flat.

Yeah, we thought so!

We can all wax nostalgic about the ladies, the gentleman, the cocktails, the post-it note breakups and obviously the shoes for hours on end. Recently, Modelinia caught up with several big name models on their most coveted moments and characters.

Here's the scoop on cover girl favs. "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit stunner Dominque Piek is a Carrie girl and already has plans for the premiere. "The day the movie comes out me and my girlfriends are going to watch it dressed to the nines in heels, the works, and go have cosmopolitans afterwards," Piek told Modelinia.

Former Yves Saint Laurent and Victoria Secret model Damaris Lewis has a soft spot for Charlotte. "She's the Mama of the group and that's how I am with my close friends," says Lewis. On her plans for the sequel? "I will definitely be attending the premiere with my girlfriends. No boys allowed!"

There's always a Samantha lover in every bunch and Sessilee Lopez is it. "She's sassy and confident. And I love her sexual appetite, she knows that there really is more the one apple in the city!" says Lopez. "My favorite scene would have to be the time Samantha moved into the Meatpacking District and had many loud arguments with the drag queens working the corner." Ahh, makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, too, Sessilee!

Well, we sincerely hope all bars in pretty much every city in the world are really stalked up on vodka, triple sec and the mixings. The Sex and the City 2 craze has officially begun.