Baby dresses to impress, in diapers that double as jeans.

Here at StyleList, we like to cover adult fashion. However, certain child-centric fashions cannot be ignored.

Enter the Diaper Jean.

Yes, you read right. Huggies recently introduced diapers dyed blue and designed to resemble jean shorts. Called the Huggies Little Movers Jeans Collection, they allow the stylish baby to don two of Spring 2010's biggest fashion trends at once: first, the denim on denim look -- diaper jeans are perfect for pairing with baby's cropped jean jacket -- and, of course, the pantsless trend.

Finally, your baby can coo 'ga-ga' while channeling Lady Gaga!

An advertisement has surfaced on YouTube featuring a suave toddler shocking all sorts of chic adults with his stylish look. Seemingly a banker in the making, the tot, who appears to have gelled hair, pairs his diaper jeans with a crisp white button-down while teetering over the cobblestoned streets of a chic urban locale.

The commercial ends with the tag line, "The Coolest You'll Look Pooping Your Pants."

The New York Times reports that the Huggies diaper jeans commercial is scheduled to run May 31, and was accepted by 13 networks, including NBC, TNT, and E!. But three others -- ABC, ABC Family, and Sprout -- objected to screen text at the end of the spot that included the word "pooping," according to Huggies. (The brand did not seek to advertise on either CBS or Fox.) For those networks, the text was changed to, "When You Gotta Go, Go in Style."

Now, as the mother of a soon-to-be-one-year-old son who fits this "cruising" demographic -- cruising, as in walking, not looking for a date -- I'm conflicted.

The mom in me is a little horrified at this seeming sexualization of a baby. Not to mention that I wouldn't consider letting my child run around in diapers. In New York City, where we live, that's just dirty on so many levels.

The fun-loving person I used to be, however, thinks it's hysterical and gives kudos to Huggies for taking a risk. I even considered dressing my son in diaper jeans, if not for a story -- like I did, recently with the similar-sounding though unrelated PajamaJean, and like our sister site, ParentDish, did here -- then just for fun.

Then, in my head, "Mom Me" grounds "Old Me" and sends her to the naughty chair.

But it looks like other parents are not giving themselves a time out just yet. The diapers, which sell for $19.99, are doing well on, the retailer that brought the collection to our attention with a helpful e-blast, which sparked the first (hilarious) article on them by Salon's Heather Havrilesky. A search on their site showed that the $19.99 Huggies Little Movers Jeans Collection is currently sold out, while the pricier $23 Huggies Supreme Little Movers Jeans Collection is still in stock.

Initial feedback is a wee bit dismal. On the Target review boards, "Stylin' Mom of 3" reports that "The first diaper I put on my 10-month-old, the blue color of the diaper rubbed off on his legs! These are also not as soft on the outside as the original Huggies Little Movers. Pass!"

And "Gamer Mama" says: "But seriously. SO UGLY."

But they could just be potty poopers.

We expect this ad to spark much more discussion once it hits prime-time television on May 31, which happens to be my son's first birthday.

I would buy him diaper jeans as a gift, but I can't. I'm grounded.