Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich strikes a pose at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. Photo: Miles Aldridge

The new campaign for the Berlin's upcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (July 7-9, 2010) features a particularly smoking image of Milla Jovovich.

Shot by renowned London-based fashion photographer Miles Aldridge, the campaign's theme is "Express Your Style" and the surrealist image is trippy-chic, with several white rabbits lounging around Jovovich, who's perched on a sleek Mercedes-Benz parked in the middle of what appears to be a highway routing through a Technicolor living room.

But the centerpiece of the photo: The hat! Jovovich is wearing a spectacular topper made of 300 specially processed feathers, created by the avant-guarde milliner Philip Treacy. "I felt it needed a hat that spelled exuberant style and hats are about individuality," says Treacy in a video on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Facebook Page. "It's the most extreme form of luxury and it's a symbol of positivity."

The juxtaposition of Jovovich in a metallic, ultra-modern mini-dress, the whimsical hat and the sleek E-Class cabriolet is a little Alice in Wonderland meets catwalk. We like it, but as for the leading lady?

"I have never really worked with a car as my co-star in a campaign and you know, the challenge is going to be not being upstaged by the E-class cabriolet, so I'm going to have to work it!," said Jovovich.

We'd say she did just that.

And speaking of working, find out who's just applied for an internship with Philip Treacy.